Fresh Life

I was inspired to create this web app after working with the homeless and wanting to find a socially innovative way to help people be healthier while also helping the community.

Send a photo of your fresh groceries to our handy phone number! Through some awesome AI (or, maybe, a little bit of magic) we then see what you're buying and how much you're spending on it. From there, we help you develop a healthy eating plan and purchase next week's groceries more efficiently and for cheaper. From there, you donate that extra cash to local food pantries so they can forward social equity in your community.

Right now we have a working demo but we hope to expand further functionality in the future. We also completed several python scripts including one that worked with an API to help pull food information.

We ran into some issues trying to use MongoDB and we really struggled to work well with Django

I'm really happy that we were able to realize the project in a functional demo. I also really like the domain we registered I'm also really happy that we were able to complete the python scripts for the majority of the core functionality. It was also really great working with some first time hackers and helping them learn new skills and have a really awesome time.

The next steps are to complete the django implementation and make the website work more resourcefully and for multiple users. We also need to finalize the twilio and clarifai implementation.

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posted an update

I had a lot of fun getting to see everyone's hacks and how they implemented various technologies. Was genuinely happy for the winning teams, and also proud of the work my team put in to build a great product. I think it speaks to the quality of the projects at HackNY that we weren't recognized.

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