As an urban college student, I am exposed to many different angles of issues. Between community struggles and spontaneously friends illnesses, I have the opportunity to see the difference in the various issues those in our society face. As someone who participates in service, I was chatting with my friends about the forms of service they do. One of my friends was persuading me into joining the Cleveland Food Bank in order to support the community by delivering meals. Food is important for everybody, and I realized that everything important is going to cause problems for everyone. I first thought about how to decrease food waste to potentially give back to the community. Then I thought of the troubles that would face if people gave spoiled foods. I then realized, though, that everybody, no matter the socio-economic status, has the potential to be struck with food poisoning. The main reason for this is that most people do not know how long food lasts, nor do they keep track of such things. I wanted to create something that could try and solve one common issue, while hopefully being able to eventually have an impact on one of the worlds greatest problems.

What it does

Fresh Fruit Friends! is an application that lists a variety of fruits alphabetically. Next to the fruits' name, is the fruits shelf life on a counter/pantry (where most people are putting fresh produce they purchase). The idea is that a consumer will purchase fruit and, after doing so, select it on the Fresh Fruit Friends! app. Once doing so, a countdown begins that has analyzed data from a big data set in order to come up with the average shelf life of each of the fruits. Currently, my application will be most useful in controlling food poisoning since consumers are supposed to check the app to ensure the fruit is still healthy to consume. If the timer is at 00:00, then the produce should be thrown away. Hopefully, however, a consumer notices the fruit getting low on time while still having an ample supply left, then the consumer can donate it to a food bank and adjust their shopping habits for the future.

How I built it

I used Android Studio and Java for the entire project. I first put together the interface, list, and data gathering/analyzing. Afterward, I was able to implement timers depending on the data gathered for each fruit so the application could put all the data to use.

Challenges I ran into

My biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to incorporate notifications into my project in such a short amount of time. Between what Android Studio provides online, as well as Twilio's API, I thought it would not be as difficult as it had proved to be. Unfortunately, in the time period I had, I was not able to incorporate SMS notifications to allow the user a time period alert prior to the fruit going bad.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Prior to this weekend, I had never developed a full-functioning app on my own. I am very proud of myself for accomplishing that.

What I learned

Also prior to this weekend, I had never used Android Studio. Although I had to work my way up, I now feel comfortable operating and understand it's basic features.

What's next for Fresh Fruit Friends!

Fresh Fruit Friends! would love to send SMS notifications ~1 day before your produce is said to expire. This way, consumers will be able to tell if they can not finish what is left and they can easily give back to their community!

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