Kids were very stressed during the pandemic(including me) and started eating junk food, which took a toll on our health. Fresh Choices aims to reduce the consumption of junk food to lead to a healthier lifestyle and more happiness

What it does

The user uploads an image(or takes a photo of their food) and our backend processes that image and gives the user a star rating out of 5

How we built it

We used react native with typescript for the frontend, we used flask and HTML for the web app and the backend, and we used react to make the pitch website

Challenges we ran into

We did not know how to send form data through axios, so with hours of debugging, we figured out how to. We also realized the importance of teamwork as in the middle, we had an argument and were mad at each other. this decreased our productivity, so as a result, we said sorry to each other and started working as a team again(much more productive this time)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first full-stack react native app that we have ever built

What we learned

We learned how important teamwork is and more ways to optimize our code to run it faster

What's next for Fresh Choices

We plan on publishing it to the app store and getting companies that promote fresh and healthy foods to run ads on it

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