As a college student, I am reminded at the start of every semester how expensive textbooks are. Students pay outrageous amounts of money for these textbooks, and I want there to be a simple, organized way to save money.

But why stop with textbooks?

We can all save some money by opting for pre-owned goods, and oftentimes we wouldn't be sacrificing hardly any quality at all for these cheaper goods. Fresale is a FREE service that has a goal to help save college-age students (and really anyone who wants to use it) money through the RESALE of products. Not only will products posted by the community cost less, but the selection of products has the potential to be very diverse and interesting.

I was most proud of my integration of a message-chain feature without the use of any APIs. Originally, I was going to implement an email API, but I was concerned about the safety of my users, so I spent a little extra time and managed to develop a more anonymous way for buyers and sellers to discuss their products. I was also pleased when I finally got the ratings system working.

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