We originally had the idea of controlling a Drone using the Oculus Rift and leap motion. We also wanted to add additional functionality to make the drone have a larger variety of real world applications.

How it works

Our project uses an LAN to communicate between a Parrot drone, a raspberry-pi, and a surface. The raspberry-pi is equipped with a gnuradio ready image. With this utility and an attached RTL-SDR, decibel levels of a specified frequency are detected and relayed across the network to be displayed on the UI. The Parrot hosts the network as well as collects data such as speed, altitude and orientation.

Challenges I ran into

Forwarding video from the surface to unity and the Oculus rift.

What I learned

We learned a lot about GNU radio and unity.

What's next for Frequency Detecting Drone

Completion of an full UI for an Oculus Rift.

Built With

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