I was inspired by the theme New Friends, New Hacks and thought why not help a few introverts make some friends, especially when I am an extrovert, it really feels good to talk to introverts who are really shy to talk to and want to get out there and make new friends see what the real world is like.

What it does

The app shows locations of other introverts who are logged into the app, where users can send friend requests, chat, and even video calls. It also allows group video call with a couple of new friends. Unless the other user doesn't add the current user back, the user cannot make any calls or chats unless the request has been approved.

How I built it

The app is made with Firebase for the back-end and Flutter for the front-end. Google Maps SDK has been used for the map feature and Google Sign-in for secure and easy, hassle-free login. With Google Maps, I can change the Map type to Satellite or Normal according to the user preference, and showing markers of other users on maps. With Firebase, all data- adding, deleting, and updating is done quickly and also Firebase and Google Sign-in together provide, the current user's information such as profile pic, email, and name. Google Sign-in alone is used to signing into the app, hence the user doesn't have to first sign up and then sign in, it all happens in one single tap. Using Agora RTM Flutter SDK, users can video call securely and multiple participants as well. For the chat Firebase Firestore and DialogFlow have been used for secure chat among users.

Challenges I ran into

Few app crashes, using Firebase for Flutter sounds easy but I had tons of errors and this might have slowed me down a lot and I had to spend 6-8 hours figuring and fixing Firebase issues, but I'm happy and proud that I fixed all errors on my own and got to learn a lot about it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making something new for the people out there and making the most of Google Cloud Platform products and achieving the target within the time is a great achievement for me.

What I learned

Time management and bug fixing. These two play a major role in my hack as they both go side by side, and I am really happy to have learned more about GCP APIs and Agora SDK.

What's next for FrenS

Sign-in with Apple will be added for iOS devices, even though Sign-in with Google also works for iOS users, but with Sign-in with Apple, users can use their FaceID or TouchID to login to the app, making it very seamless, especially with the iOS platform. Siri and Google Assistant integration will be added so that logged in users can open chat with their friend with their voice itself.

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