Idea Name: Frenemies Participants Full Name: Kudzai Chikondo Beta Mosquitoes are known for their amazing ability to adapt and are considered dangerous because they spread diseases that can kill humans, which they spread through their bite. Despite, the mosquito drinking and ingesting infected blood, the pathogens do not seem to affect the mosquito. These pathogens are then deposited into another person’s blood when the mosquito introduces saliva into the bloodstream. The mosquitos themselves are not what kill people they are just carriers of these pathogens. In war, if you can make the ally of your enemy your ally this serves to create a great disadvantage to your enemy, which in this case are the pathogens. Therefore, by having the mosquito eradicate the pathogens before it feeds again can be a very useful technique of controlling the spread of these diseases. However, the possibility of this occurring naturally in nature is very low. Hence, this will have to be conducted under laboratory conditions by taking full advantage of the adaptive abilities of mosquitoes to present an inhospitable environment for the pathogens to survive. Gene manipulation is not a new topic, hence the possibility of project success is relatively high. This adaptation is then encoded into the gene mutation of generations to come. When the mosquitoes mate, this gene is then passed to the next generation. Given the rapid reproduction of mosquitoes, the gene will be passed on quickly. This proposed solution will help reduce the death toll worldwide, however, this will not eliminate some of the irritating behaviours of mosquitoes, but that is a small price to pay for the greater good. This proposed solution will also limit the attempts to eradicate mosquitoes, hence limiting the threat of mosquito extinction, preserving the current eco-systems

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