How we built it


Cryptokitties have a lot of (c)attributes and abilities, but something you can’t do is bring them with you or have them interact with you using real world data. We were inspired by the French Toast Alert, where weather dictates what somebody does. We tried to get the Cryptokitty to encourage people to enjoy their kitties in different atmospheres depending on the weather.

What it does

French Toast Kitty is an application that gives you a variety of ways to interact with your cat token by providing things to do depending on the weather. We wanted to come up with ways on how to interact with your digital goods other than buying and bidding.

A user logs in using Torus where they insert their kitty number and are shown a map of their surrounding area with their kitty on their location. Users can then travel with their pets to local points of interest which are queried from the FOAM api. Weather is also displayed over the area to aid the user in choosing locations.

How we built it

We use Torus to log the user in with google credentials. We use Cryptokitties API to get a kitty given the user’s input. We use Chainlink to pull weather data from the weather service. We use FOAM to find points of interest.

Challenges we ran into

Web3, it’s documentation, and it’s conflicting methods in various versions. Unfamiliarity with JS and designing a web3 react app; we’re mainly smart contract engineers and don’t have much front end experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ability to integrate Chainlink, Cryptokitties, FOAM, and Torus

What we learned

We learned a lot about Web3 and the various capabilities that are available through the sponsors APIs.

What's next for French Toast Kitty

Getting weather information passed back from our contract to properly be recognized. Getting the web3 transaction calls to pass cat info to the contract to properly work

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