Transportation Industry

The ground freight transportation industry is highly fragmented and business relationships tend to be transactional in nature. This creates a network of disparate systems of records and the need for lots of human resources to provide load and carrier verification.

There are ~1 million shippers, ~20,000 brokers and ~100,000 carriers which participate in the ground freight transportation industry. These parties would benefit greatly from a shared system of record with an immutable data structure.

The biggest pain points for freight brokers today are:

  1. Factor fatigue
  2. Carrier qualification and lack of visibility into load history
  3. Sourcing high quality carriers based on their trucks' locations

Blockchain Solution

A private Fabric blockchain with multiple asset registries and participants. It allows brokers, carriers, shippers and factors to submit assets and transactions with a highly configured ACL. This allows these disparate parties to rely on the exchange as their system of record and reduce the human resources required for carrier and load verification.

How we built it

We used Hyperledger Fabric and Composter to create a private blockchain network. We used a Rails application to simulate a web portal for participants to access data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an operational Hyperledger Fabric network with four participant roles that would allow the tracking of a ground freight load from brokers to carriers. The network has an asset registry structure that would allow for detailed ACL by participant which is important in the ground freight supply chain.

What's next for Freightchain

Complete a prototype network and deploy to a staging environment. Leverage our relationships in the ground freight transportation industry to demo the product to brokers and TMS providers.

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