People are known to text and drive. People are known to put other at risk while on the road. Freeze Keys was developed to solve this problem. Freeze Keys is an app that lets the user install an app and download a keyboard. The keyboard eliminates the issue of texting while driving by locking the keyboard and denying the user the ability to type when the device is moving at or above a certain speed.

Special Features include: • Speed detection (by way of GPS), which turns off the keyboard function when the mobile device is moving at 20 miles per hour or above. • Differentiation between driver and passenger: When the app is first opened, it asks the user whether they are a passenger or driver. If the passenger option is selected, all restrictions according to speed are taken off. • Wifi detection: when the mobile device is connected to wifi, it assumes that the user is not currently driving (because who has wifi in their car?)

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