Have you ever walked or jogged along a heavily trafficked main street and been worried about all the polluted air you are breathing in? With FreeYourLungs we have a solution for that!

What it does

FreeYourLungs is an App, which shows you the best route to get to your destination or just to go for a walk with the least amount of air pollution and avoiding car fumes.

How I built it

Based on network graph theory commonly used in general direction applications and implementing the impact of the air quality into the optimal paths calculations. Web app running on Azure app services.

Challenges I ran into

Make sense of the different environment data sources. Efficient use of the Azure platform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Whole development process, from brainstorming to deployment in one weekend with a small team of 4.

What I learned

Don't give up, things that seem difficult are easier than you think and things that seem easy are harder than you think!

What's next for FreeYourLungs

Taking into account other factors, such as noise pollution path/road quality in different weather. With the expansion of the SmarterTogether project Munich, the accuracy and coverage will only improve.

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