This was a friends idea about getting all the crud work out of the way (hooking up a host, managing the database, deploying the app, etc.) and just being able to work on your side project and have other people use it

What it does

Freetear is a deployment platform that can host your apps as soon as now (zeit) using only free and free-tier services

How I built it

NPM CLI interface with node and python templating

Challenges I ran into

Because we are trying to use a variety of free-tier services, we need to somehow manage the credentials for every place we want to connect to, for that i built automation scripts that can login and create the service and hook up credentials for you

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team we came together and parallelized as many task as we could, going into different directions (UI, templating in different programming languages) and also switching between our task to help each other out.

What I learned

I learned how to write a CLI tool using the NPM packages, one of our team members learned about React and structuring HTML for fast productivity, and finally our last member learned about logging and distributed management.

What's next for Freetear

Expand the type of apps which are supported for deployment

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