Helping the world, one question at a time. is an ad-supported, free-to-play website that allows players to donate to charities by playing multiple-choice quiz games. The website is curated by the United Nations.

This bot farms rice on the website in the following subject areas: Chemistry, Capitals, Math, Vocabulary, and Language Translation (French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Germany). One question correct on this website will result in 10 donated grains, and although this seems minuscule on the forefront, this number quickly compounds (considering this bot can also be opened on multiple tabs).

In just one day, one of these bot can produce 10 grains of rice every 0.8 seconds, which will result in 86,400 grains of rice every day. Converting the rice into bowls, we observe 72 bowls every day, which can feed approximately 48 adult humans every day. Based on the total number of people in hunger in America (41 million) and total number of computers (> 2 billion), if 1 in 50 computers ran this, we could solve hunger in America. Of course, this is a purely theoretical situation, but it demonstrates the power of the bot.

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