5 million people are affected with Alzheimers with more than 15 million people as caregivers. This requies a lifelong commitment from caregiver to patient where the reliance on the caregiver becomes nearly 100% causing incredible mental, emotional, and physical strain. Both stakeholders relinquish parts of their freedom and independce a the patient depends on the caregiver and the caregiver is unable to live an independent life.

FreeMindz, is an interactive, cross platform app allows caregivers and patients to use audio and video cues to make day to day routines easier.

Features: FreeMindz allows the patient to videotape day to day tasks and watch them later to mimic their own movements. FreeMindz allows caregivers to leave audio messages for the patient to relive them of anxiety and help remind them of information such as, 'your toothbrush is the blue one.' FreeMindz creates an automated daily routine allowing the caregiver and patient more indiependence throughout the day FreeMindz is personal where all the directions are recorded by loved ones and the videos are of the actual patient doing the activity

· Schedule any type of video reminder for any event or activity

· Provide step by step directions

· Create a memory book of all the activities throughout the person’s life with their family

· Provides voice reminders in response to common questions such as “Bonnie where did you go?”

FreeMindz provides the solution that families are looking for which allows each person to be themselves.

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