Who doesn't like freebies?

What’s better than searching through Facebook for all of the events with free stuff? Seeing them in one place, so you can look and nab as much swag as you can! Freeloader is your personal ultimate guide to zero dollar food, fun, and awesomeness.

Story Behind The Code

Us four team members are all a part of ACM-W, a newly established club at UCLA, specifically made for women in computer science. Through the club, the four of us connected over our common experiences, all of us being challenged through our first or second year of CS classes. Most of us had never been to a hackathon, (Katie went to HackSC earlier this year, so this is her second hackathon) and wanted to build something tangible in the 36 hours.

At the beginning, we bounced a couple of ideas off of each other. We asked around and tried to see what platform would be both useful to learn as well as allow us to make something at a rather quick pace. Eventually, we settled on web development, as Vivian did have some basic experience in it and it was interesting to all of us. We also had run into each other at Career Fairs before, and one thing all of us as well as most college students enjoy is free stuff. Free is a powerful magnet in the college level student community.

Building from there, we realized that often times we missed out on opportunities giving out free food and “swag”, especially when a plethora of them are posted on Facebook mostly at one time. We each felt that if there was some way to pick out the free events and view them, it would make it easier for us to actually know about them and allow us to prioritize which ones to go to, combining our level of interest in the material along with the quality of free items being given out. This was where our idea took off.

Target Users

Our target users are social people who attend many events and occasionally use Facebook to find these events. Active users of social networks are overwhelmed with event notifications from many groups and contacts- so it’s easy for potentially valuable events to slip past our notice- especially when we’re too busy to check Facebook regularly. Freeloader is a simple way for people to efficiently browse through the events that interest them- eliminating the clutter and distractions of Facebook.

Freeloader is especially useful for finding events that offer free food or swag- common elements at popular events in colleges everywhere. We think that college students, who are busy with their studies, invited to many events, and living on a low budget (looking for free stuff) are the perfect target market for our product.

Key Features

We really liked that our front end design turned out well- our homepage looks professional and well put together. We are also very excited about the fact that we got the Facebook API to work, successfully parsing through the the descriptions of events a user is invited to in order to find those that offer free food and swag, then bringing those events to the user’s attention in an elegant way. Overall, we’re glad that our hack comprises all of the major base features we had planned for it and offers a simple, attractive platform that can already prove useful to users in its current state.

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