Solves a pain point that I have as a freelancer

What it does

In the current stage, it helps freelancers track their income sources/paychecks and will predict an annual income off the information. It also helps budget.

Ultimately, I'd want to implement JIRA-inspired tracking through a client's progress cycle. (Lead -> Client -> Invoiced -> Paid)

How I built it

  • Wrote simple express app for backend auth
  • Used react-router to handle the login flow
  • Set up Redux for global state tracking. This allowed me to share the information with every component, as well as run analytics globally
  • Began implementing visualizations using d3

Challenges I ran into

  • Having trouble using d3 for the first time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Freelancer Income tracker

  • [ ] Implement Client tracking
  • [ ] Automatically generate invoices
  • [ ] Email invoices and automatic reminders to clients with unpaid invoices
  • [ ] Better suite of visualizations
  • [ ] More flexible budgeting

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