Finding competent freelancers is a common issue lots of companies are struggling with. On the other end freelance camp with the issue of doing work for a client and having the client use their code without paying said freelancer.

What it does

Freelance Hub connects companies to freelancers, listing lots of job with a fixed scope and fee. Once freelancers pick up a job a specific branch will automatically be created. All commits done for this projects on that branch will be saved on the blockchain, if the client decides to merge a pull request payment will automatically be handled by the smart contract.

How I built it

The Freelance Hub platform itself is built in React, while all smart contract related code is written in solidity and managed by truffle. GitHub is used as the repository service, because of the extendability of their CICD setup and ease of use of the webhooks. The smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. A node app hosted on Heroku is handling the webhooks and communicating with the smart contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Large scope, had to slice out some of the functionality to have a demoable product at the end of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a react app from scratch, that communicates with a smart contract. Same on server side.

What I learned

Greatly improved my understanding of the whole Ethereum development environment.

What's next for Freelance Hub

Obviously it will replace fiverr within the next few months (for all serious tech projects at least)

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