Are you a broke and hungry college student or homeless person looking for free food? We got you covered!


There are lots of people struggling with food insecurity out there in this world. We strive to create a platform that allows homeless people or hungry college students to find free and available food resources near them.

What it does

Our web app allows users with excess food to add pins on the map to share their food with others. Anyone can go to our web app through our custom domain to look at food pin postings available around their location. If they are interested in getting the food displayed from the pins, they can get live direction from the web app as to how to walk there.

How we built it

We hosted our web app through Google Firebase Hosting. We implemented the google maps api and the goolgle directions api for the main functionalities of our web app. For the backend, we used services provided by a NoSQL google cloud Firestore database to store food pin locations as well as making calls to the NoSQL Firestore database. For the frontend we used html, javascript and css.

Challenges we ran into

How to implement the google directions api and google maps api to connect with data stored on google firestore to give users directions to get to the food locations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The web app is fully functional, which allows users to add pins for food anywhere on the map with a simple click of the mouse button. The new pins also update instantly on the map. The users can have the option to view directions to get to those pin locations on the map.

What we learned

How to implement google maps api and directions api. How to connect frontend services(css, html, javascript) and backend services(google firestore and firebase) of a web app.

What's next for FreeFoodie

We are planning to add sign-ups for users accounts so that users who wants to add pins can login and post food pins on the map. We are also planning to make this project as one of the main projects for the CS + Social Good Club at Cal Poly. Eventually, we are hoping people across the world can use our app to share and find food resources.

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