We wanted to build something that help tackle the problem of food waste. Whilst researching for ideas we found that the use of food banks have been of increasing use, especially for people of low income (as a result of increasing benefits cuts). As a result there has been a rise of children in poverty through out the past year. This is especailly disurbing as hunger can impact a child and their education and therefore low income families can fall into what is known as the poverty trap .

What it does

Our food sharing platform provides an easy solution to reduce food waste while helping to prevent hunger in low income families. Often people find themselves with excess ingredientsthat would go to waste, therefore our platform allows these people to post their excess ingredients where those in need can easily shop for them.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

We first used React and dotnetcore to build our front and backend however, we had some problems with the front end development and api request so we had to start again using plain HTML CSS and javascript which meant alot of out time and effort was wasted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Because we strict on time, meant that as a team we had to learn and apply different languages outside our comfort zone. as a result we learn alot and was able to perform even underpressere as a team!

What I learned

API request using dotnetcore Using API request with react some english, some spanish, some Arabic

What's next for FreeFood

Going L I V E to help people

Built With

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