One of the main problems our team found with modern group communication on social media is the lack of organized messages. For example, often someone will write a relevant post reminding people of an event or post a link but will get lost very quickly in a sea of messages from others.

What it does

Our application sorts information from a group chat for members. Members can "pin" important posts and links to websites, files, and photos, will be extracted into separate categories on the website interface.

How we built it

We used NodeJS in partnership with socket to create a realtime searchable message board. AngularJS allowed us to update the incoming messages, and Amazon Web Service let us keep all the data in a secure place. Each of us completed different objectives (design, coding, functionality) to arrive at our finished project.

Challenges we ran into

We used socket for the chat online and that took quite a while to get configure correctly. We are also working out the bugs on extracting files and photos automatically from a stream of text messages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been able to successfully set up a chat system between people and pin important messages to a separate board.

What's next for Freeflow Message Board

We would like to expand this application to be smarter about sorting data from the messages between people.

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