For the inspiration aspect of this project, We got the idea from the chaos in grocery stores that the coronavirus has caused and everyone complaining about the shortages of food in grocery stores, along with basic necessities such as toilet paper, fresh food, and toiletries. Thus, we had the right idea, all we needed to do was build it.

What it does

This project makes going to grocery stores less of a hassle. Users could pay other users that are currently heading to a grocery store to pick up groceries from a shopping list. It is designed to increase social distancing, at the same time getting the essential items delivered to you for the pandemic. As of this, it gives peoples jobs by allowing them to shop for others in their community. Once one of the people going to the store picks a shopping list from our system all they have to do is get and drop it off at a pickup point (such as a community mailbox) that is close to the buyers' home.

How I built it

The UI frontend is made in Adobe XD, the backend for the web app is made using the Flutter framework and Dart language. The login will be stored in Google Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Dart Language is both frontend and backend, it is hard to use an interpreted language to position widgets on a website, we were at start figuring out how to import pictures and font assets to our project. This is our first time using a brand new framework to build everything in a short amount of time. Flutter is controlled via command line in the terminal, flutter environment path gets removed upon the restart of the terminal. Flutter won't run and test our project, and we ran into Localhost issues, that our flutter refused to connect to our localhost, which delayed our testing of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have complete so much within a small amount of time. We showed good teamwork, with jobs evenly distributed among our team members. We were able to work efficiently in the time period given.

What I learned

The Flutter framework was new to our group, as well as the language that goes with this framework, Dart. We have learned using Google Firebase to let the users login with their existing accounts.

What's next for Freedom Shopping

We will get more users to sign up and start using our platform for grocery shopping while staying indoors. Freedom Shopping will have a build-in currency to add directly from the user's bank account. We also want the grocery stores to participate in our app by donating real-time data such as price and availability. Our backend developer will add chat features so that the buyer and the delivery person could communicate directly within the fastest time.


Please read on our GitHub Repo.

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