In America, at least 60 million tons of produce alone is wasted annually. This is about a waste of $160 billion dollars!! This can be reduced if people are reminded of the food in the back of the fridge days before expiration.

What it does

This app will keep track of the food you have in the fridge by storing items in memory and how long the food is edible. The items to be entered can be inputted through a receipt barcode, images of the product, and manually. The option of taking pictures of the product is connected to AWS. This way, the app is able to identify the product in the picture too. On top of keeping track and notifying the user about their food, the app is also able to suggest some simple recipes using what is available in the fridge

How we built it

This was built using Amazon Web Services and java, and some of the app for the ios version is still being developed

Challenges we ran into

we are not too familiar with AWS and how everything connected. So it took a while to piece everything together from YouTube, GitHub, and Documentations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We manage to make a simple android app that can take a picture, save it, and send it to the cloud of AWS for it to be processed.

What we learned

a lot of things about AWS, and the working in making a basic app

What's next for Freedge

We are hoping that Freedge will have access to a database containing all the facts about products and the barcode/ edible life/ etc. so that the app may provide more accurate information

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