Freebo is Topics search tool. Read info, and explore all connected (reverse and master) topics of your initial interest and see where Freebo search will take you. Freebo is based on Freebase database (which keeps growing larger everyday) and here are some numbers: 46 000 000 + overall topics and counting, for which you can get info using Freebo search tool, so pick your interest between: Music (30M), Books (6M) ,Media (5M) ,People (3M), Film (2M) Locations (1M), etc. Other futures:

  • language support for en, es fr, de, it, pt, zh, ja
  • simple and fast Topic and facts search
  • Topic and facts description
  • Topics image gallery
  • reverse and master topics of selected search
  • relevant web links related to Topics and facts
  • share Topics image and description
  • search history (breadcrumbs)

Our vision is to provide users with best Topics search tool for everyday use. Our mission is continuous development of "Freebo" in two directions, enhancing usability of Topics search tool interface and continuous quality upgrade of Topics search result information's. In current state of Freebo development this is first simplest topics details result, its possible to go much more in details with topics info. Freebo is live application, and will over time get better and better (Freebase, source of data is getting better and larger every day) and also plans for development of application include more details on all topics common types, deployment on all major mobile platforms (corona functionality).

Tehnology used: Google Freebase API, JAVA backend webservice developed with Spring, Lua, Corona

Challenges: Querying Freebase to get fast response times, creating REST webservice acting as backend for mobile app, learning lua programing, getting fast response times from backend webservice on mobile, creating good interface (fallowing google matrial design secifications)

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