A third of all working families are considered low income & over 1.5M people are homeless in the US. About 80K of those homeless individuals are here in NYC. litEats is a hack focused on feeding these individuals by our slogan "PAY IT FORWARD"

LitEats aims to use the pay-it-forward pizza solution in Philadelphia to help the homeless crisis around the world.

What it does

litEats provides a platform for charitable people to make donations to participating vendors to provide free meals to low-income and homeless citizens.

How we built it

We used Vue.js as our Front-End framework and connect

Challenges we ran into

Connecting our Back-End to the Front-End was probably one of the biggest issues once they were basically done. Also with the time constraint we were only able to locally host the project since we were running into issues getting our mySQL database on the Google Cloud Platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our goal was to have a minimal viable product to demo at the end of hackNY, we accomplished that.

What we learned

Well, essentially we learned that Vanilla Javascript on the front-end is hard to connect with a backend that's created by a modern JavaScript framework. For our first time hackers they were able to experience a hackathon and create an MVP as a full stack developer essentially.

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