Do you have a garage, shed and/or workroom filled with tools you got for a project and then never needed again? Well! FreeBieConnect got you.

FreeBieConnect is a web application where people from neighborhoods can post tools that they can lend to others as well as post requests when they need to borrow something

The rules are simple: you can give away or lend your neighbors tools/ or anything else OR you can request to borrow a tool or anything else. (No selling allowed, this is a community application)

When I was a kid, I remember that my grandma used to send me to her neighbors when she needed something and doesn't have time to buy it while other times our neighbors' kids used to knock our door to borrow something else from us. I never paid attention to that until I grew up and had to live on my own in a different community and a different building where people didn't even say Hi sometimes to each other.

FreeBieConnect is there to help people save money, time and storage space but most importantly help connect the community.

Things we learned: Most of our team members are first time users to React so we definitely learned how to use React, Bootstrap library as well as Auth0 and Github We learned how to communicate with each other and how to merge our codes without major issues Some of us that were more experienced with react learned how to back off a bit and let the beginners figure things out on their own and have faith in them.

Challenges: The fact that we were not familiar with React. there was a big learning curve for us and we are so proud that we finished the project

Tech stack

  • React
  • Node.js
  • React-bootstrap
  • MongoDB

Team Members

Majda (UI) Naima (UI) Jing Liu (UI) Steve Mu (UI & backend)


  • it is going to deployed on a cloud server and be publicly accessible
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