Every American generates 2,555 pounds of waste per year and 20.4% of that waste can actually be repaired or repurposed. Although these are concrete statistics, the problem remains rather abstract to grasp - how does one affect the problem of waste? How can one reduce waste generated?

Well, does this sound familiar? A graduating senior is leaving the state and has no space to bring her reusable clothes hangers so she throws them away. An incoming freshman moving into his dorm needs to hang his clothes up so he purchases new hangers. Albeit small, unnecessary waste was generated due to the lack of communication between the discarder and the purchaser.

What it does

Free.U aims to bridge this gap and connect people who have unwanted usable items with people looking for used items. By combining gifting and reusing, Free.U relieves people of their unwanted goods, removes the need to spend money on items, and reduces the overall waste generated.

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