Our target user is us. This is a total hack were we scrape sites where people give away the stuff they don't want any more (sofas, shoes, all kinds of furniture, instruments, whatever) for free and automatically publish it in second hand selling websites, with a bit of data mining to find what's the average price of that item and set our price below that.

The idea is: The server periodically scrapes free stuff sites and takes note of every free deal out there. Then it scrapes ebay to find similar products and find out the average price of such products. At last, it publishes an offer on ebay starting at a really competitive price for each item. If the offer is actually accepted (someone buys it) it handles shipping, contact between the two ends and such.

We've done a server using Flask for Python, an admin page frontend using plain HTML with AngularJS where you can check out the current state of the deals, update the database manually or erase specific items. We've also used python's BeautifulSoup4 library for scraping and ebay's HTTP API to publish and query the deals.

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