Tools like Gravity Sketch that can let creaters build inside the virtual world.

What it does

This is a speech creation tool that enhances the efficiency of creators to build a virtual world. When you say something you want, the 3D model will appear. It's a:

  1. Ideation tool, brainstorming, rapid prototyping
  2. For designers, ordevelopers to build inside the world
  3. For broader users, like kids, or people with limited experience, to quickly get into virtual creation

What - a speech creation tool that enhances the efficiency for creators to build a virtual world. Why - interface in VR environment is over complicated (gravity sketch, virtual keyboards, menu bar). Learning how to develop in unity can be very intimidating at first, so this will make it easier for beginners to get started creating. We regard speech is the most natural way to communicate (with huamn and computer). Who - New Developers/Creators, kids, When- NOW!!!!! How- By allowing the user to create by saying commands instead of figuring out complicated functions in unity.

How we built it

The technical implementation includes Unity (with its built-in speech recognition), MRTK and Oculus Quest 2.

Challenges we ran into

Texts to models: we came up with different ways to transfer text to models: one is use keywords to call the prefab in Unity, the second one is to use API link to other 3d model library, the third way is creating an AI text-to-model generator. For the consideration of time, we choose the first way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Speech to objects feature, a virtual world of visual immersion

What we learned

Time management / Scope management / Product planning / C# development

What's next for Free eech

3D Gan! That generate models from speech!

Amazing Team! Jalon Kimes Hong Hua - Yixuan Liu -

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