Nowadays, especially after people were stuck at home with nothing to do, many have started listening to more and more music. Airpods, earphones, and headphones are not an unusual sight to see at work or in school. Most people commonly listen to their favorite songs on Spotify or YouTube, but both platforms have... ads. No one wants to continuously skip or listen to ads in between their songs, but the only way to avoid it is to buy an adblocker, or the Premium version of the platforms, which is also something people do not want to, or sometimes can't afford to, do. As I started to listen to music I ran into this problem, and thought of my own solution:

What This Is

A music player! Only a prototype at the moment, this player will play songs ad-free of course, for those who want to listen to their songs without buying away the ads. Users can also download their songs to use the player, letting them listen without Wifi like YouTube requires, and enjoy anytime, anywhere.


This player, while a prototype, allows one to skip forward, backward, loop through a playlist, and even repeat a song! Of course, one can have a playlist with a single song, but sometimes it's nice to just repeat one song, one last time, and I know that if I like this feature, and some of my friends want it too, then there will be others who would enjoy it as well, so I am glad I added this feature. I've also added a scroll feature, which allows the user to scroll through the song (on computer, drag their mouse to get to a different part of the song).

What's next for Free Premium Music

Turning this into a mobile app for easy access for hundreds of people, and maybe even create a website version for computer. Currently, the plan is to finish coding this in Java, and turn it into an Andriod app.

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