Developers wants to generate revenue from site/app usage.
What if there is a way to do that "WITHOUT USER PAYING".

What it does

Developers gets revenue.

Users does not have to pay to access premium content.

Users lock up a small amount of fund to gain "free pass" to access premium content.

Site owners gets paid from the monetary "inflation" of Stellar/EOS cryptocurrency.


The user can get the fund back at end of staking period.

When users lock the fund to vote for us (staking). It allows us to distribute the monetary "inflation" of cryptocurrency (Stellar, EOS) to pay for the site owner.

This idea is so new and unique that it takes some time to explain. There is really nothing like it yet.

How I built it

node.js/, javascript and stellar library and api.


  1. users go to New York Times style site with a paywall that blocks the content.
  2. users go to Stellar wallet to vote us for the inflation
  3. site unblocks the content seamlessly.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Free Pass (Payment-free Revenue)

Sign-up developers from this hackathon.

Built With

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