This simple app is based on exercise designed to increase children IQ, but it works also on adults. It activates new parts of your brain and sharpens your memory. It does not require any skills and everyone can play it easily. This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession.

After each play you will see evaluation result of your mental capabilities. You can discard these result or save it for future comparison. You can compete with your friends and family, who is able to get better result. You can also see your progress in time and unlock many challenging achievements during the game.

How to play: Free Mind Game is played in rounds. In each round the game will briefly show you several circles with different colors. After about a second the circles will disappear and you will be asked how many circles with selected color there were. If you answer correctly, you will advance to next round with more circles. If you make a mistake, next time the number of circles remain the same or will be decreased. You will have 3 attempts. After third mistake game will finish and your result will be presented.

There are 3 difficulty levels in this game: easy (one color), medium (two colors) and hard (3 colors). Higher difficulty levels give you higher score. There are also three game modes: normal, quick and training mode. In quick mode, you play until first mistake, and circles are shown for a shorter time. This mode gives you highest scores. In training mode the circles are shown as long as you want, so you can test how many of them you can remember. There are no scores given in this mode.

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