This webportal is to be a welcoming place to share information, give overview of similar initiatives, events, possibilities, meet and reflect for people who (wish to) feel free to co-create norms, structures and interaction patterns that are life-friendly for all living beings, appreciative of nature, energizing, fair, rooted in ecosystem awareness, living systems with warm data, non-dual being in the world.

Sections of the webportal

What is going on? Linked with a calendar, so that people can get overviews of intiatives taking place all over the net and in different localities. This can be initatives such as,,,, ....

People and offers: Here people who wish to work in this direction can present themselves, how they wish to contribute (coaching, trainings, spiritual teachings, website design…) and link with their websites, e.g.,

Blog-Forum and discourse: People can post, read and comment thoughts, experiences, impressions and core discoveries, inviting flow of thoughts

Collective intelligence activation: possibilities to meet online in virtual groups, get to some deeper understanding about issues of relevance, and then share the outcomes, learnings from the process and invitations here

Out in wild we-world: links to interesting interenet pages, possibility to comment and to see the links with or without comments.

Gifts of Beauty: collection of pictures, poems, quotes,… that support the direction. Every day, one of them is randomly picked and featured on the landing page. The feature “Beauty of the day”



Currently this is only an idea, I invite people to help me to make it real. Let's come together on slacke #c22-free-human-being-together

What it does

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for free-humans.together

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