Inspiration - Our attendance at the Zoohackaton - San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Ending Loop - Coding to Stop Wild Life Trafficking, Oct 7-9, 2016

What it does - Catchy Slogans & a Coloring Book App - as a free gift for a donation to Stop Animal Trafficking, and creating a low-cost 'friendly lick button' to start a animal friendly dialogue between "animal centric business and consumers"

How we built it - We established a very clear focus in getting our message out "connecting the spots to STOP !!! AT" into the forefront of everyone's "working memory" during the Zoohackathon. Our knowledge of coding and teh technology side (for example, creation of a coloring book app) in achieving aspects of our proposal at moment is very limited. However, we did make some new friends who reached out to help us at the Zoohackathon (Oct 7-9, 2016) which we participated in.

We, 'freefriends,' were established at the Zoohackathon, and our team is a team of three; a Professor of Chemistry, a Mechanical Engineer/MBA and a CPA. We are insightful, clever and busy people but being busy doesn't stop us from being life long learners, educating and being engaged in learning, and in trying to propose solutions in solving difficult issues.

Challenges we ran into: We are NOT coders, but in solving our problem statement "conservation funding" during the Zoohackathon competition, we were able to make new "friends" who we willing to reach out, give us the thumbs-up and offer help, and as a result we were established Oct 9, 2016 as "freefriends."

Accomplishments we are proud of - After getting an education by experts in the field on "animal trafficking" at the Zoohackathon, we were PROUD in establishing ourselves as "freefriends" having clear focus in innovating "viable low-cost solutions" into our "working memories" and having to present those ideas in competition within 48 hours. Our next step is to actively seek supporters.

Our new motivation and purpose was derived from our participation in the Zoohackathon. Now, we would like to take it to the next level in gaining local support in San Diego before creating a national campaign to the get the message out "Connecting the spots to STOP !!! AT, Stop Animal Trafficking"

What We learned - Animal Trafficking is a National Security and Global Threat that needs to be STOPPED!

Please watch our 6 minute youtube video and join us in our endeavor.

What's next for 'freefriends.' We are looking for minded individuals who would like to provide us help (funding, staffing and technical support) in getting our message and into the forefront of everyone's working memories, STOP !!! AT, as we move forward in resolving the complexities of "animal trafficking."

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