Inspiration ⭐🌟✨

Many events on college campuses have food, but it goes to waste. We wanted to reduce the food waste and help food insecurity at the same time. In order to achieve this, we created a mobile app, desktop app and a website where people can see nearby events with free food and save money.

What it does ⭐🌟

People can use the app to see user-verified posts about nearby events with free food 🍔🧅🥞 and also post details about events with free food 🍗. People can comment on them and upvote/downvote the posts. The more upvote you get, the higher you get in the notifications list. The more posts you have, the higher you get in the notifications list. That way, the next time there is an event nearby with free food, you are the first to be notified.

How I built it ✨✨

I used React for front end, GraphQL for back end, NoSql MongoDB for data storage, and Heroku/Netlify for deployment. The backend is deployed to Heroku and the front end is deployed to Netlify. The reason we decoupled the deployment for both is to achieve a landscape based on microservices.

Challenges I ran into ⭐🔥

The biggest challenge was to create a global notifications list for the users. Second was the map! GraphQL was a challenge too, because we had no idea how to use it before. Lots of Googling!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of 🌟🚀

We are proud that we can say we have an app that can run on mobile desktop and browser.

What I learned 👓🌟

We learned how starvation and urge to save money can lead someone to solutions like this app :)

What's next for Free Food Hunter

We want to clean up the source code and add new features. It is so messy right now. 😀

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