We are a bunch of foreign first-year graduate students in UCSD. Free food is the biggest attraction for most of us to attend an event on campus. However it takes a little bit work to find out what events are offering free food. Therefore we think an app that can help us gather such information automatically would be nice!

What it does

Basically it crawls event information of student organizations from Facebook, then analyzes and extracts those offering free food. It puts the data in the database, and integrate all the info into an user-friendly web-page. Also, it marks the event on Google Map to help students figure out whether they should go to the place or not.

How We built it

Our developing endeavor was divided into three parts: web crawler & database, Django back-end development, and front-end development (web page, third party API, etc.)

Challenges We ran into

The biggest problem was the integration of system modules. Many trivial technical problems gave us headaches for hours.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have pulled it off! We have made a system that lives up to our expectations (considering we only have 36 hours, and none of us are familiar with front-end development).

What We learned

Technical problems happen all the time, but we can always solve it, and the best way is to attack the problem as a team.

What's next for Free Food Hunter

We want to integrate more functions into it: enlarge the event source, enhance user experience, and integrate more social elements. In short, we want to make it more usable and cool!

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