Just some poor students looking for free food (especially in Switzerland).

What it does

-free food donation and receival -introducing gamifications for clients to have more motivation to eat healthily -use of machine learning technologies to evaluate and inform the clients about how healthy their diets are

How we built it

-used ionic as the framework to build the cross platform mobile app -used angular.js and javascript to build the front end -used google cloud vision APIs to get the health factor of the food images -used firebase to persist the collected information which can in turn be used in a machine learning algorithm -used google maps APIs to specially mark the areas where free food is available

Challenges we ran into

-Figuring out how to best incorporate the API-s from maps service providers into our application -How not to eat too much at mid-night ;D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are the first FREE food sharing platform -We can potentially provide effective solutions to the refugee crisis, starvation and critical environmental issues

What we learned

"If you have a hammer, then everything becomes a nail." The use of technologies is not the end, but just a means to the end. We learned that having the trendiest technologies is not necessarily a good thing; the APIs might brake from time to time, the community support might be limited, or sometimes the companies whose technologies you use might disappear in the near future such as Parse

What's next for free food

Well that's easy, getting more free food of course.

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