Sometimes the pilots might panic or be unconscious to not be able to send out a SOS to the emergency channel.

What it does

This project will detect when the plane is in free fall and about to crash.

How we built it

Using the Arduino 101, we hooked it up to a bluetooth module to send data over to an android phone. It sends the coordinates of its current location to the phone.

Challenges we ran into

Getting started with android studio and receiving bluetooth packets. Making the google maps api work with our app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making our first android app. Getting the arduino to detect free fall and shock from a crash.

What we learned

Getting started with android. Git Android 101 and it's IMU interfacing. Bluetooth from adruino to android

What's next for Free fall beacon

Full scale for this project would be a device that takes black box data (ground speed and altitude) along with its IMU data and determines if it is currently experiencing a free fall that might lead to a crash. This device then would send signals out to the emergency broadcast frequency with its current location and a SOS signal.

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