We all started unsure of what we wanted to do at this hackathon, but we all felt a mutual interest towards the slavefreetrade project. We felt it could have an impact on the real world and made exciting uses of emerging technology like the blockchain.

We weren't a cohesive team at first. We all had our own ideas but threw them around without anything sticking at first. At last we settled on a plan. We split between front-end and back-end. Khaizokhu disappeared for three hours, so Brian and Mukitur had to work by themselves. They worked on the mobile app. It was hard to adjust to working with ionic, since it was such a new framework.

It took a lot of trial and error before a semi-working prototype of the mobile app was born. Lots of copy and pasting, lots of searching through Google(and Bing), before figuring things out.

Our room was the one the blockchain workshop was hosted in. It was informational, but didn't provide nearly as much practical advice to using blockchain technology. Khaizokhu took it upon himself to implement the blockchain technology himself, and worked at it for several hours before collapsing of exhaustion. He did finish the blockchain implementation, thankfully.

At the end we finished our project satisfactorily, and we were all proud of each other.

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