Free Agent

Free Agent is a web app that makes it very easy to find pick up games that you can compete in using your current location. Free Agent also implements a unique crowdsourcing model to rank and rate individual player performance as they strive to become the MVP of the block.


  1. Find pick up games whether it maybe basketball, football, soccer, baseball and etc.
  2. Create a game for others to join you.
  3. Get ranked by players you played with.
  4. Raise to fame and earn your peers respect.

Business Model

  1. Advertisements - Generate revenue through analyzing user data for advertisement purposes, for example, if a user is rising in rank in a particular sport, we would suggest some apparel or equipment to help them step up their game.
  2. Gamification - Allows Free Agent users to accumulate point towards higher ranks based upon performance.
  3. Partnerships - Allows organizations to partner up with Free Agent in order to form advocacy campaigns to promote an active lifestyle and physical exercise in a rather fun and competitively social manner.


Free Agent aims to cater to the younger generation, individuals who are 15 to 35 years old, by providing a platform that solves two problems; finding an outdoor activity easily and meeting new people through the amazing medium that is competitive sports. Gamification and in-app purchases have proven to be a strong source of revenue for digital games. We believe with the synergy of meeting new people, the competitive nature of sports, and the proven drive by this generation to "level-up one another" and achieve the "highest-ranking amongst ones peers" to be an extraordinary recipe for attracting a large user base.

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