As a group we wanted to use hardware to tackle the prompt. We decided to use the Qualcomm DragonBoard 401c and were excited at the challenge of working with a device that none of us have used before.

What it does

The Freddy’s First Aid Kit is a portable first aid kit with an internet connected interactive device that allows coaches, trainers, doctors, etc. to input data as they are evaluating their patients It uses AWS to upload this data to a dataset and analyze the data as it comes in. This immediate delivery of data allows those involved to reduce injuries by providing data on injuries in different categories (gender, practice/competition, sport, injury area, injury type) so they can make quick evaluations on common injuries. This will also help mitigate injuries by highlighting common injuries giving them more attention to professionals who will investigate why these injuries are happening. This device is also a low cost way of medical professionals to collect data, driving down medical prices across the board.

How I built it

We connected the DragonBoard 401c to the Sensors Mezzanine adapter which used the Grove LCD RGB backlight to interface with the user. We used a custom logstash and filebeat configuration to ship data to AWS Elasticsearch. This was then put into graphs and an easily searchable interface.

Challenges I ran into

We had very little experience working with these components, internet connection issues, programming hardware, getting correct timestamps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working together as a team and having a great first Hackathon! But also we are proud because we actually finished it.

What I learned

Quite a bit about the DragonBoard, C++, AWS, the Sensors Mezzanine adapter, and Debian Linux.

What's next for Freddy First Aid Kit

Bigger screen and a smaller keyboard so it can actually fit in a first aid kit.

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