Face recognition is widely used now in every day life. Our team wanted to try and work with creating a small facial recognition device that can be portable and used to lock away anything that is valuable to you. We want it so that you can add it to any device and therefore multipurpose.

Oh why Fred I hear you ask... F-Face, R-Ready, E-executable, D-Device ... (totally the reason we chose that name).

What it does

Will unlock devices that you apply it to by recognising your face!

How we built it

Using a raspberry pi and a webcam, we trained a machine learning model to recognise our team members faces. The raspberry pi was connected to a leaver device that can be connected to different surfaces via various methods (sticky tape tape, blue-tac, duct tape, paper and string etc)

Challenges we ran into

Everything mentioned above!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting something to work within the 9 hours we had.

What we learned

Using hardware for such a project is very difficult and should be left for longer Hackathons.

What's next for Fred

Improving AI accuracy from 50%.

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