Let FRED Streamline Your Organization's Front Desk Procedures

I am always amazed and annoyed that virtually every (including my own) organization still uses pen & paper to sign in guests and log that information via scanning & emailing handwritten sheets of paper. I had been using my spare time to come up with an application that can utilize Appian's mobile technology to modernize my organization's front desk, and this Hackathon gave me a reason to complete it.

Kiosk Features (Best viewed on a tablet - /fred site)


  • Collect visitor information and signatures
  • Notify employee of visitor arrival
  • Retain visitor information for quicker sign-in on subsequent visits


  • Request Medications
  • Request Packages delivered to the office
  • Request a temporary badge if forgotten

Reception Features (/fred-reception site)


  • Check-in visitor by assigning an available badge and verify ID
  • Provide medication/package/temporary badge requested by employee


  • Check-out visitors or temporary employee badges by checking-in their badge
  • Manage your badge inventory


  • Receive a package by scanning the tracking label with a mobile device. All the information provided by the carrier will pre-populate (including the carrier) via an API. API calls are currently setup for USPS, FedEx, and UPS
  • View a list of unclaimed packages
  • Package recipients are notified every 24 hours of unclaimed packages


  • Track parking validations provided by your organization


The app is built to easily scale to many locations within an organization. A simple database entry of a new location and an Appian group associated to that entry will automatically assign tasks to the appropriate receptionist. Additionally, each feature can be toggled on or off (medication log, parking validations, etc) Each location would have it's own kiosk and receptionist(s) usernames and would be placed into the location's Appian group.

There is also a reporting tool that will export logs of each feature including all details of the record along with the signature captured. I would be happy to share an example of the log output if requested.

Built With

  • appian
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