Build a Facebook that finally respects privacy. You can use third-party apps without leaking your data to everyone.

What it does

FreakBook is a way to verify with third-party applications the integrity and correctness of the information they need for you to be able to use those third-party services but without revealing the original full data you don't want to be shared.

An example of a use case would be the genome of a person where certain computation is needed in order to find out what is the best diet for you -> however you don't want the third-party diet service to have your full genome sequence. You just want them to calculate what they need.

Obviously doing it with genome data would take too much time for this hackathon so we did example by using birthdate as original information and isAdult state as calculated property which can be shared as proof with third-party services.

How we built it

We used Circom programming language for writing ZKP circuits in order to validate that person is more than 18 years old where their birthdate is a private input.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding Circom programming language and wrapping our heads around ZKP concepts was quite a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a functional circuit and interface to use it in 24 hours.

What we learned

  • Circom programming language
  • Circomlib libraries
  • ZKP concepts
  • Use cases for ZKP adoption
  • SnarkJS library
  • Creating videos!

What's next for FreakBook

We would like to contribute the following:

  • Encrypted data in Freakbook database
  • Smart contract for registering data providers
  • Expanding on data types
  • Time limit for proof consumption
  • Mobile app
  • Possibly grant application or funding round

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