There are lots of NFT in the market and the biggest issue is to bring the liquidity in the NFT ecosystem. NFT is a gateway to convert traditional assets to on-chain assets (blockchain assets). In the past several projects around NFT spin-off like crypto kitties, unstoppable domain, and many others. The biggest problem with this platform is to bring liquidity to the NFT ecosystem. NFT are very difficult to get fractioned.

Check my detailed blog on NFT: Inspired from this news clip

What it does

Contract where any NFT can be fractioned and traded between multiple parties. FraXtnd is more like combination of ERC20 and ERC 721 with some added functionalities. There are a few things we need to consider while trading FraXtnd. (Will discuss in next version). Also please check the github for more info on the solutions.

How I built it

First thing is to get familiar with Avalanche basics and its architecture. Get familiar with all the examples mentioned at Built the app. Details are uploaded on Github.

What I learned

Avalanche architecture. Avalanche setup. Deploying Solidity smart contract on Avalanche Avalanche API connection.

What's next for FraXtnd.

Make it fully functional working dapp on main-net and release it asap.

Include the lend and yield fucntion on NFT.

Connect with on-off ramp service.

Deploy on Avalanche main chain.

Apply to incubator/grants.

Many more..

Built With

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