The drive to learn

What it does

Scrape CSV files and extract key elements from multiple big data sets of eCommerce transaction logs and insert it into a query driven database to determine if a respective transaction log is tagged as fraudulent activity or not

How I built it

Utilizing mySQL and MySQLWorkbench for the backend software

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time working with big data sets and databasing in general, and coming in with barebones knowledge of the software, and concepts were difficult to learn how to implement with the given time constraint for the Hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding the general concepts of databasing, text scraping and the ability to stay up for 50 hours

What I learned

Data base structuring, stored procedures, text scraping, mySQL, and Tableau

What's next for Fraud_TesterSQL

If we had more time we would have implemented a more integrated and user friendly front end interface, and add a couple key lookup features that previously were not available, and the ability to potentially color code the logged transactions to denote the level of perceived fraud. (red means fraud was detected, yellow means fraud was potentially committed by the user in another instance, and green means no fraud was detected.)

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