I've been a fan of 3d printing for a year now, and recently I've been playing with the idea of building my own 3d printer from scratch. I couldn't find the drive to actually do it beyond just "I'd like to do it." But, I heard about the Society of Competitive Programmers at USF and Mangohacks, so I decided that is when I was going to finally build this thing.

What it does

It's a 3d printer. It 3d prints

How I built it

The base, control box, and moving parts are all designed and 3d printed by myself, and I had to go hunting on eBay for all of the appropriate pieces, and in 8 days I built the thing from just CAD drawings.

Challenges I ran into

The printer isn't exactly happy with something related to the gcode inserted into it to make a print, and unfortunately this occured on the last few hours of the hackathon, so it really killed the project. But if it liked the gcode, then it would print, mechanically it is all there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I didn't have to re-model every 3d printed part 5 times over.

What I learned

I learned that it's surprisinglly not very difficult to build a 3d printer from your own design. But I did not have to program the whole thing, so that helped.

What's next for Frankenprinter

I'm going to take it home, tinker with it, and hopefully get it to successfully print. If I can, then I'll bring it to Hackabull just for fun, and maybe Knighthacks too.

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