Framework for UiPath Objective: Create a framework that serves as a base template so that when automating processes allows you to work more orderly, obtaining a much more readable, scalable and maintainable code. Each process that is automated will require a framework according to the degree of complexity that will lead to development, this degree of complexity may be due to: • Type of Application that is going to interact such as: Desktop, Web, SAP, Citrix and others. • The versions of technologies with which they were built from the applications that will interact with the process. • The size or magnitude of the process. Structure: The framework has the following folder structure, in which each folder groups common functionalities, whether business, controller, application or utilitarian. The description of functionality of each folder is:

BUSINESSES: Here you have to stay everything corresponding to the business rules of the process. CONTROLLERS: Here you have to host everything corresponding to the start of each main part of the process's task, this is where you will decide if you need to interact with any other AXML in another folder. UTILITIES: Here you have to store everything corresponding to the utilities that are reused for the entire process. APPLICATIONS: Here you have to host everything corresponding to direct interactions with applications, whether WEB, Desktop, Citrix or others. RESOURCES: Here you have to lodge everything corresponding to the resources that the whole process needs with an Excel where variables, constants, Assets or others that serve as the main food for the framework of work are housed. DOCUMENTATION: Here you have to host the files that serve as documentation of the process. TEST: Here where you can host everything corresponding to the unit tests of your development. Main.axml: This file is the main point that will serve as the beginning of the whole process and is where you will see the main structure of the process.

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