Sure there are already organization apps out there, but they all feel clunky and claustrophobic. We knew that together we could solve that problem and create the most user friendly planning app ever developed!

What it does

Frames is unique due to the fact that it allows you to prioritize your events, and then uniquely places them in an ascending/ descending order from the center of the screen, based on the level of importance.

How we built it

Hours and hours dumped into design and UI. And even more hours dumped into the actual programming of the features of this app to work in conjuncture with our database.

Challenges we ran into

The language swift is constantly changing. So methods and classes we were used to a year ago no longer work exactly the same and we had to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful integration of our database, as well our design and graphics.

What we learned

There are a lot of moving parts within our app. The most critical thing was making sure it was still functional even after the smallest change. This is what ultimately helped us to make debugging easier.

What's next for Frames

Further development and changes to be made as seen necessary.

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