How Frame started

We started Frame as a solution to the problem we had a previous company -- we couldn't deliver our video processing Windows app to other devices (like Macs or tablets), and the app required high-end graphics card to run. We tried other solutions (like Citrix, VMware, OnLive...) but none of them worked well. That's when we decided to build our own platform and started a company.

How it works

Frame is a cloud platform that lets you run any app in the cloud and access it from any device. We built a technology that deploys and scales virtualized apps in the cloud, roun them on powerful servers, then screen-grabs things on the server side (in the cloud) and sends it to your device as super-low latency video. For more details on how Frame works, see


Apps on Frame don't work great when bandwidth is very low (under 1Mbps). With current standard cable or cellular connections, Frame already runs great for up to 1080p -- faster connection means lower latency and better user experience. With Gigabit networks, we can deliver on the full promise of the cloud and decouple where the app runs (the cloud) from where you access it (your device). We call this ubiquitous computing -- infinite power, anywhere, on any device.

Most proud of

We got some of the world's largest companies, like Adobe and Siemens, to use our technology and Frame Platform to deliver their apps from the cloud.

Our project for Orange Gighacks SF

For Gighacks, we optimized our platform to run with super-HD resolutions (above 1080p). Max resolution that Frame now supports is 2560x1600! We also improved our audio-video (AV) sync so that apps like Adobe Premier Pro can run smoothly on 4K monitors.

What's next for Frame: real-time 4K video editing in the cloud

Our vision is to make the cloud as easy to use as your PC. You can try things yourself (Frame is now in Beta). Go to and request an invite to load your own apps and use them from anywhere, on any device.

Background story of Frame (previously Mainframe2):

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