Technology can be a blessing and a curse in the same time. Just look at your smartphone, an entire book library can fit into your pocket. Yet we are using it to look at memes and get away from the real world, forgetting about the importance of living in the present moment. What is the first thing we do in the morning? We check our phone for notifications. That's a very unhealthy habit. The average user checks their device 47 times a day. 85% of smartphone users will check their device while speaking with friends and family. And at least - the average user spends 1hr 16 mins a day on the top 5 social media apps. With the help of Framble, you can bring your Instagram pictures right onto your table and get inspired without checking your phone every 5 minutes.

On the other hand some people have no technical knowledge to access these social medias even if they wanted to. Back in the days, most grandparents lived in the same household as their families. Today thousands of miles may separate family members. Few grandparents find that being far from grandchildren is emotionally stressful. With the help of Framble, our grandparents can be supplied with fresh pictures of you and your family. It gives you the ability to stay close to your beloved ones all year long. Imagine being on vacation with your partner and kids, and you manage to capture your son’s the first time riding a bike. If his grandmother has a WiFi-enabled Framble, she could enjoy the same experience as you, just like she was there.

What it does

Framble is the world's first E-Paper picture frame, and it was designed to transform your social media addiction into a daily inspiration source based on your own memories in form of an interactive home decoration tool. Framble has WiFi, Bluetooth and a battery, by which the frame can run up to six weeks with a single charge. The frame is fully handcrafted of eco-friendly recycled wood, which makes it even more special. When we started working on Framble, we decided to create the best digital picture frame there is to inspire people’s everyday life through their own memories and help them understand the importance of the present moment.

How I built it

The problem with regular digital picture frames is that they look like tiny displays, they need power cables in order to run, their design don’t fit most interiors and manual picture upload is required with the help of a microSD card, or in best case they have an online interface or app. Framble is the first digital picture frame that uses E-Paper display technology, which not only feels like real paper but it can also run up to 6 weeks with a single charge. Thanks to its wonderful wood design, it looks like authentic frames, fits most interiors and stands out. Framble can also stream your latest pictures from your social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos and even Pinterest.

Challenges I ran into

We have already reserved and built our website (, registered “Framble” as a trademark, built 5 prototypes, started developing our Android app, created promotional videos and acquired and have gotten positive feedback from two Norwegian CTOs with multiple successful companies behind them. We have sourced all the crucial electronic components and we already have 1000 followers on Facebook and 50 early subscribers in our e-mail list and our campaign haven’t even started yet. Our next task is to increase our audience, validate the market, launch on crowdfunding websites (Kickstart, Indiegogo), then produce the first batch consisting of 1000 units. If we fail to validate the market for the digital picture frame, we sell the app separately. We already got an offer from one of the biggest digital picture frame manufacturer, which is $4 / each download.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have tremendous advantages over our competitors, just to name a few: unlimited viewing angle, glare-free display, 6 weeks battery time, social media connectivity, stylish rustic frame made of real, recycled wood. Our only disadvantage is that currently E-Paper displays are only available in black&white, however the manufacturer has already developed a color version, which is going to be available to the public around Q2 of 2020. Integrating this display into our product will provide us a unique position in the digital picture frame market, which is almost impossible to compete with.

What I learned

We have determined that our innovative technology would generate the most value in the intersection of two big user groups: social media users and digital photo frame users. This forecast is not exclusive, however this is where we see the biggest potential. One very good example of this intersection is families. Assuming that most of the digital picture frame users have social media as well, we can conclude that our primary target is digital photo frame users. Other targets can be interior designers (furniture shops, retailers, wholesales), Instagram fans (influencers), professionals (shop owners, artists and photographers). We plan to approach these groups in their natural habitat by ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, by influencers using these platforms and by professionals using Framble to showcase their own services or products.

What's next for Framble

  • Market validation
  • Lead generation
  • Crowdfunding
  • Fundraising
  • Framble+ (advaneced version of Framble)

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